Trade Commodity Contract With Tradeopol

Made for traders who want to take advantage of rising and falling markets, Commodity trading on a Contracts for Difference (CFD) basis is where commodity is exchanged via a contractual deal between a buyer and a seller to trade on the difference on the price of the commodity.

With Tradeopol Trade a wide variety of metals, energy, agriculture commodities with fast execution time, risk management tools and transparent trading conditions.


Metals are considered hard commodities because they are found underground. They are classified as
either precious or semi-precious metals. Non-precious metals used in industrial development
and construction, are also included.


Because of its importance to the overall economy, the energy market is one of the most heavily traded
markets. Consider how many industries rely on gasoline to power their operations to understand
how powerful the energy market is.


The soft market of agricultural commodities is sensitive to global fluctuations in supply and demand, also to natural disasters, which usually impact crops and herbs, and seasonal demand for particular agriculture.

Tradeopol offers everything you need to enter the world of Commodity and Gold trading and become
a successful CFD trader. From free trading information, insightful articles, analysis, and interviews from market makers to trading strategy for all experience levels – so whether you’re a complete newcomer
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