Tradeopol offers commission-free stock trading with no hidden costs or extra expenses. Our spreads are set and extremely competitive, and we keep trading costs to a minimum. As a Tradeopol trader, you enjoy round-the-clock access to low-cost investing in stocks from the world’s largest and most well-known exchanges.

What Exactly Are Stocks?

Stocks, by definition, are securities that represent shares of ownership within a company. Companies usually sell shares of stocks if they want to raise money to grow or develop their business. From an investor’s point of view, purchasing stocks could give you a way to grow your wealth. Supply and demand drive the price of shares, which usually means that the more people who’re selling the same type of stocks, the lower the price. Conversely, the more people buying the stock, the higher the price. You can then choose to sell your stock for a profit.

Advantages of Trading Stocks at Tradeopol


Leverage allows you to get a significant exposure to any financial market with a modest investment. You can boost your overall profits by doing so because they are based on the whole investment amount of the position.


Spreading your assets across asset classes results in a well-diversified portfolio, minimizes market volatility in direct proportion to your transactions, and lowers your total risk exposure.

Risk Management

Because of the stop loss/take profit parameters, proper money management is always achievable. You may keep your risk levels reasonable by automatically terminating any open positions if the price falls or increases over a specified level.

Market Opportunities

Profits may be made via internet trading in both rising and falling markets. You may open a SELL position and profit as the asset price falls, or you can open a BUY position and benefit as the asset price increases.